When u walk beside me the 
silence that prevales  had a lot to say
Listen to the rustling of the leaves and 
 the sound of the wind that blows them away as its own story which only u and me can understand 
It would tell you what my heart wants
About that secret wish,that I want you to stay... And be with me forever..
I would notblike to share u with anyone no matter what might be the situation but I want all of u to my self..
It might be selfish , yes I am but only for u my dear ..
Dreaming of the stars I find myself falling than you come and hold me so tight and show me my way which I had lost thinking of what not !?
I walk with your footprints on my heart so that those will guide me the way u have been 
I follow them and find you but why don't u notice ..?
I would play
In the sand beside the sea,
Where the castle, we once loved to make
With the shooting star lighting it's way
I close my eyes,and pray for u because u r 
The strength of my life,I just have one thing to say
You are never forgotten come what may..
So never think of going away
Because u r that makes me what I am today..
Because u r the one who knows me when my smile is the fake when others think that's the reality ..
Because u r my life  and I cannot exist without life.
Yours always....

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