I want to write this to you,

To let you know I forgive you

I will keep on forgiving you

Even if it isn’t in verbal acclamation

Even if you’re not asking for an apology

But for the countless of mistakes

That have caused me misery

I still forgive you

Because I can’t carry on with the burden of a grudge

It’s too heavy to carry on my shoulders.


I forgive you

Even though to me, you’re what a human should not be.\

But no matter how invidious you may be;

Perhaps you felt pain at some point in your life too

It would be selfish of me to not admit you’re vulnerable to emotions too.

Even so, our pain may have been different if not the same

And may have ended at incompatible intervals.

But I want you to know this,

I know you'll get hitched one day

I know that pain will always stay

Maybe I won't know how to make it go away


Whoever you're with , I hope you don't repeat what u did to me

For I was forevermore in love with you

I hope you keep her happy

Because no matter how apathetic you may seem

You deserve happiness too.





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