There was a teenage guy called Shambhu.
He once saw a couple in his college hugging each other delighted by something. He started thinking when was he last hugged. He was never hugged at least that is what he remembered. He thought that hugging was the act done only behind the four walls just like sex when nobody was around .

On the day of Diwali when everyone was celebrating and enjoying in his house he stepped out of his house. On the way, he came across a small hut where a women was dressed nicely and was playing with his son while grooming him. He started thinking why don't his parents hug him and show some affectionate gesture to him. He didn't live in a hut but still there was something amiss. He had never seen his mother hugging his father or his father hugging his younger brothers or even his mother hugging his brother or sister. Infact there was no gesture like hugging in his entire family, he realised. He might be loving his parents and vice versa but there was something missing. Then he thought "Why is hugging so important?" .

He was used to it. He was an introvert type of person. He never expressed much maybe because he was addicted to that type living. But was that how it should have been?

Even animals don't hesitate embracing their and cuddling their loved ones. For me it means a whole lot . I mean just imagine when you get a first rank in the class or you get your dream job and you are filled with the joy that needs some outlet to stabilize you what would you do? Won't you feel the need to hug someone, your parent or your friend or anyone you feel comfortable with?
When you have gone through worst things like someone close to you expired , wouldn't you want someone to come and give you a hug?
This act of holding someone in your arms and assuring him or her that " Congratulations, you have done it and I am proud of you"
Or " World doesn't end here , I am there for you till all your tears dry up ... Feel free to hang in my arms till all your sadness' vanish ".
Hugging is such a powerful act that it can melt the glaciers in seconds and cool down the hottest lava instantaneously. It is the most fundamental way of expressing care and affection for someone.

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