Women in India are always subjected to one or the other form of abuse. I write it today in response to yesterday's hullabaloo on releasing the documentary "India's Daughter".
I happen to see the fifty minutes and odd documentary and have mixed feelings on it.

Firstly, I am a lady and I do hangout with my guy friends and happen to see nothing wrong in it, probably because we are like-minded and respect and know our limits. Well these monsters on the documentary had no sense of remorse or guilt, on the other hand went on to give an explanation as of why this crime was committed. And the reasoning so bizarre!

This documentary shamed them in public, which they deserve, but they are such class of people who would be happy because they got featured and broadcasted in a film!
Our parents and culture always teaches us to forgive, but it is given only to people who feel guilty, it is not something that can be passed as easily as passing an heirloom.

I happen to believe that being an uneducated the rapist spoke non sense. But I was into a shock when the defense lawyers spoke on the similar lines. First of all who are they to teach anyone any lesson, a liability to the country, they are !

But then I tell myself, birds of the same feather flock together. So, no wonder the rapist has a lawyer of his own class. The government is afraid of the documentary being telecasted, for all of them share the similar views. You go to a policeman to lodge a complaint, he looks at you not as a person but as an item, okay if it were so , why doesn't he to do the same with the womenfolk at his home. That is because there is a sense of belongingness. When a girl undergoes medical examination to determine rape, the women themselves aren't considerate, at least they could be is not abusive. Here again nobody empathizes.

This International Women's day, to all the ladies and gentlemen, I would just say start empathizing people around you and develop a sense of belongingness. If you have committed a crime or made a mistake please have the guts to accept it and take responsibility.

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