The future of India seems hazy,
Where ever i look, there's Misery and Misery.

The very thought of dark,lonely street scares me,
Somewhere yet another dies due to poverty.

Injustice, discrimination blot India's drape,
Somewhere yet another is a victim of rape.

India shrieks in Pain,
While someone withers and perishes in drain.

Poor are left in pool of cess,
Our country has become nothing but a mess.

Corrupt officials feast and dine lavishly,
There are some, who search the garbage hungrily.

Our government becomes deaf and dumb,
While our eyes cry dust.

Everywhere is despair and depression,
Practically,you don't even have the right to expression.

Devil lurks in every nook and corner,
His eyes on you, 'when to pounce', he wonders.

No one is safe here,
Apart from the kings and their courtiers.

Everyone bathes in pool of blood,
This country breeds nothing but Lust.

Bloodshed and riots are daily doses,
Still,for photographs, our government is ready with different poses.

The future of our country really scares me,
Cuz No matter where I look, All I see is Misery!!!

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