People love being intoxicated, But i felt really pissed when i took one sip of alcohol.
The taste was really bad and i could not swallow it for sometime but there was a pain, so i thought lets have it to clear it and sleep. The magic didn't work but yes i slept for sometime without any thought , without any dream. The puzzle of love is intoxication.
I promised myself that i won't drink again. Its not what i want. I want to be happy. I want to enjoy my hobbies, my loneliness but not someone's way of avoiding me.
I promised myself that i won't think about her but she comes in my thought process. But then there is a tool which helps me to come out of this thought, thats this blog called writerbabu where i can just share my thought process.
Apart from that the sound of guitar and the study helps to recuperate from this illness. I never thought love will drive me crazy like this where i will touch alcohol(i promised myself that i won't touch it because it sucks) , where i will idiotically try to suicide, where i will stupidily write some stupid mails to my friends. What happened to my thought process.
Are they so weak.Am i so weak?
I have choosen a path where i will create numerous hobbies. I have choosen because its cool to have hobbies rather than fighting for someone, which was never mine.

Tags: Love, Short Story

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