Camouflage of various creams, foundations, talcum powders, lip glosses, eye liners, mascaras, perfumes & what not!
In other words, wearing a mask!

Just by applying all these, do you think a person looks beautiful?
In my opinion, its obviously "NO!"
Then what is beauty all about?

Yes! Beauty are of two types. The inner & the outer.

Outer beauty of a person is characterized only by external features & physical appearances. Something stain-able & can be created within a short span of time.

While inner beauty is an experience, the beauty of the heart & soul, that cannot be seen only be felt. Its something which lies beneath the skin, untarnished, far beyond any physical appearances. The beauty that reflects your attitude, thoughts, mentality & expressions & characterized by mental & spiritual well being. Someone who has a beautiful soul, you can see it in the sparkle of their eyes! Inner beauty is a temple where the divine resides! Something whose image cannot be expressed.
Outer beauty lies in t-shirts & jeans you wear, while inner lies in the heart, rooted deep within!

But in today's modernized world, none is concerned about the inner beauty. People just want everything artificial & super fast. None worries about the beauty of heart & soul.

But one thing is sure, Might be outer beauty just attract the eyes, inner beauty captures heart. If only outer beauty attracts, then celebrities must have fantabulous life with best relationships. But they have the worst of all!

If you don't have beautiful eyes, then mascara & eye shadows are not the solutions! Wake up! Clean your heart & make your soul beautiful. Obviously then your eyes glow. Because
"Eyes are the index of soul!"
"Beauty is not in face, but its a light in heart!"
What is the use of having an elegant face with an ugly heart?

P.S: "Might be you see this is an old monk's philosophy, but its damn true & written by a young girl like you! :P ;)"

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