The inherent thought behind this poem is "Who are you without your name?"

Mango, the grandiose apparel,
blue shirt, suede stilettos, even the brown barrel.
Take away the brand name, out goes the love collar,
out goes the brown barrel, out goes the dollar.
Hath Satan no course,
bereft of the diabolic discourse.
What's in a name?, thou say,
the thought got a four-word name, I pray.
Anonymous, much rather, thou say,
that's too a given name, I pray.
It still smells sweet, need no name,
there's still appreciation, need no fame,
but then what does the ardent lover claim?
Sweep will the waltzing wind,
leaving all reminiscences skinned.
Address beseeches you to address,
anonymity haunts until your name you caress.

Tags: Literati

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