Insane and hopeless are we

Stolid, ready to succumb, to flee

Inhuman and insensible chaps

Weak, pallid, even our words are craps

Shouting, screaming, manifesting rage

Though hiding our weakness throughout the age

Demonstrating in savage and fierce way

Albeit, from this juggernaut, the real motto is far away

She was crying, we were sleeping

Even in dreams, it was greed, we were reaping

Again next morning, we are wandering

Seeking new preys, new plans, we are pondering

In buses, in trains and every possible place

How much it troubles the girl, never mind, we chase

We are gazing, razzing, indulging in teasing

For us it’s the fun, all is pleasing

In our minds, dissolved is the grin

And we are busy to entertain our whim

Never introspect, never thoughtful are we

Just busy in observing, where ever is she

Morally and mentally, we are stolid and numb

Under our weakness, we readily succumb

Never want to help someone, never wish to be humane

But continuously debate over her growth, her pain

Stuck up on oxymoron statements, fake ostentations

Ready to forget all, getting busy in fun, celebrations

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