you were the light in this room,
your light has moved from me.

i am in the darkness now, it is no strange place for me,
i have been here before, not to visit or spend the night.
i live here now, temporary isn't a word by it much.

in this place it is lonely i agree,
what is loneliness when you're not bothered.
in this place there is no love i agree,
what is love if it be only to cause pain.
in this place there are no dreams,
'cause dreams are for the sleeping
and waking up makes it unreal.
there are no distractions or obstacles,
the darkness is all you see.

in the darkness i see clearly,
my mistakes are my own,
i alone, understand my achievements
there is no glory here.
'cause there is no one here,
no one that i am bothered to see
or search for.

i sink into the darkness,
there isn't a reason to float to the surface.
it is not a bad place.
the searching party can quench their lanterns.
it is not a good place.
so find me if you must, but with your light.
it does not matter.
i'm comfortable here, not sulking.

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