A Mother... A lady who bears her child for nine long months in her womb... A lady full of love and compassion... A lady who can welcome death with no regrets but won't let her child to drop even a single drop of tear... I'm not defining 'mother'. 'Cause no combination of the twenty-6 letters of the English alphabet can define her. Nothing can ever equal even a drop of her milk.. Nor am I in any intention to measure the unfathomable depth of her love!

Father... A man who toils long days just to make sure that his child gets the best of things...to make sure that all dreams his child sees, come true. A man who never expresses his pain, not because he never feels it but 'cause he feels that his child's smile is much more essential and precious and worthy than his physical stress.

Parents compromise...they do things that they never did before, just for the sake of their child. Well, I never thought of these things till I was 16. I just felt their love but never cared to know the pain they undertake 'just for our sake'. I remember, once I was arguing over some issue with my parents and I was quite unhappy with the decision they took regarding some stuff related to my life. The same night my bro said me something very politely...I still remember the grave depth of his words..."YOU DON'T HAVE AN INDEPENDENT EXISTENCE. YOU ARE JUST A MACHINE IN THE HANDS OF MOM & DAD. YOU DESERVE NO RIGHTS TO OPPOSE THEM. THEY MADE YOU. IT'S THEIR BLOOD THAT FLOWS WITHIN YOU. YOU ARE JUST NOTHING WITHOUT THEM..."
I still remember that night. And I guess that was the last night I argued with my parents. And I'm sure you will also find no points to differ from what my bro said.
Time goes on. We grow. We mature...physically and mentally as well. With time, we grow responsible. We become eligible to earn our own bread and butter. And its then that we forget all that our parents did. At that particular point, 'our' happiness seems more valuable than that of our parents. We take our own decisions, even the one that our parents should take for us. We feel that we know the world better than our parents. But we forget that our parents know 'us' better than we know ourselves even and that's all that matters them. Still they don't oppose us. They agree to our decisions thinking that may be we will live a better life with it. We ignore them,may be unintentionally, in the name of work-pressure but yeah, we get lots of time to hang out with our friends or to go for a movie. At this point of time, after reaching this age, do we at all care to understand the pain they feel when we ignore(doesn't matter if its intentional or not) them? Does it matter us if our decisions make them feel low?? NO. It hardly matters us. 'Cause we turn blind. We see just our-self in the picture. We forget that we are able to reach this height,whatever it may be, just 'cause of them. At times, we even dare to forget their presence in our life! Yeah! We try to manipulate and convince them that our decisions are wiser and better than what they would have taken. But do we feel how bitter it feels to a father when his son takes a stand against him or when a daughter denies her mother just 'cause she feels that her mom is an ex-generation lady?

I rest here. I feel the article is incomplete. May be I can never complete it. If we introspect honestly, we will find even we are no better! The thing is we never cared enough to analyse such stuffs. We kept ourselves too busy in the lusture of the youthful world around us. And we have good reasons with us to keep ourselves busy even!


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