Those childhood intuitions for symmetry/opposites.While watching a butterfly, or our own body and how it's left resembles the right, or how mother and father act as opposites but complementry, etc. The teasing questions referring to symmetry/opposites were very resilient and often arised from gut. Why when I make the oppsite edges of the page meet, the two halves become equal to each other? Why is butterfly same on both sides of abdomen? Why my father's voice is coarse while mother's, sweet? Why my mother's shin is so smooth and father's, hairy?So there I stood in my washroom. I just came from my school, and was pushed into shower by my mother, before I went to bed. I was in 7th class. I applied shampoo on my hairs, and spread it on all my body, as I felt lazy to use soap for the body. The warm water on my glans gave me erection. For some reasons touching the glans gave me a feeling, that added to itself a bit with each stroke. Soon, my knees began to wobble, and I felt something crawling in my penis. In the next moment my palm was filled with white sticky liquid. My childish imagination threw at me this question: Are these the WBC (white blood cells), that my teacher taught a few days back? Have I lost my immunity, with this act? Is it because of the lack of immunity, that I was feeling sleepy and wobbly (in knees), when this sticky thing was on it's way out? Will I die in next few days?To do away with my doubts and fear, I decided to ask my father, however but circuitously:Are white blood cells white?Father: Well, that's a loaded question, but the answer is yes.Are they sticky?Father: Well..yes..a bit may be. But why are you asking this?I fled.Next time, a new set of questions emanating from my intuition of symmetry, gripped me. Why is my penis long, instead of say, being a disc? Why do I feel attracted to girls, and their sight stimulates my penis? Is it possible, that my penis has actually a destination, for something in females? Why do I feel like groping their breasts? Is it that this strange restlessness in me, is the same as in girls, and that when the two will meet, the two "restlessnesses" will cancel out each other?It was my struggle with these fundamental questions, when my mother knocked the door: "Jaldi niklo, school ka time ho raha hai. Riksha-waalaa intezaar kar raha hai."

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