Firstly this is my second post and since as i have described in first that i am a cricket fan and recently dhoni is the man who is wandering in every corner of my mind.My first post was devoted to him and since i'm not done with him here i came up with some more self analysis on this man's mental strength.
I have been watching this man from my school days whether since living in hostel didn't allowed me to watch every single ball this man has faced but still i have done my part as being indian cricket fan or rephrasing it as Dhoni's fan feeling and analysing the influence of this man has created after his arrival in indian side.But we all know what dhoni has done with his bat,gloves or ball as lots of statistical data is stored online for those who have yet to know this man's credibility as a batsman, wicketkeeper or captain.
I'm here to talk about his mental ability or to analyse his mind.
I'm no psychiatrist or mind reader and in terms of qualification i have simply done a semester course with psychology as an elective subject ,so, see i have got nothing to raise your expectation.
Dhoni dhoni dhoni....its been said in past , present and will be said in future that how calm/cool he is under pressure.In the start it was very astonishing to see a person like him coming from a state which has not produced any cricketer on world stage and then adapting himself in cricketing fraternity and creating a separate podium where only he can stand and then control the game with his cool temperament (which i will try to enlighten in next paragraph) as the battle lies not outside but inside the head.As the time passed away and expectations have risen , he himself adapted to become the spine of indian batting.Now he is not like that flashing long hair dhoni that we have seen in early part of his carrier but he has changed himself and taken the responsibility as a captain and a batsman to guide india towards victory.
But how does he do all these superhuman thing.So,with my experience as i was a TV serial addict in my 2nd year and Dexter being my all time best serial i have learned about psychopathic behaviour which started with that serial then expanded with my self done research on that topic as i got fascinated by this thing there exist only one explanation for this unique quality making him almost perfectionist in his job like handling expectation of a country of billions and taking control in high voltage game where others crumbled that either he is a psychopath or a consistent practitioner of meditation so that he has come to stage when a person is in full control of his mind , his emotions and hence carry calm internally and externally in even peak of pressure.

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