Is it compulsory to have physical relation with
your boyfriend/ girlfriend ?

Well i don't think so that it is compulsory to
have physical relation with gf/bf . Now days
people get attracted by the external beauty ,
they will date you , will give infinite gifts too but
at the end they will demand for doing physical
too . Apart from this , people who say"Love"is a
shit/fucks/ wastage of time / no use blah
blah . . . well love is quite beautiful feeling if it
is true and you have a true soul-mate who
loves your soul more than your body .
Somehow i feel ashamed when in surrounding i
see a girl who was indulged in the physical
relation , though i don't have any right to
interfere in anyone's life , but as a human it's
my duty to share my views.
Only girl faces the loss after physical relation . I
don't know why they want to do before their
marriage , you have complete life do what ever
you want . But don't play as a napkin , before
doing such things , do think about your
father .People who really loves you will never
ever demand for your body , just keep this thing
in your mind .
What you do today with other's daughter ,
tomorrow it will be you and your daughter . I'm
not blaming only boys , it's applicable for both
girls and boys because with there
understanding only they step forward for such
relation . Make your love beautiful , make your
relation beautiful , so that everyone would say :
see what a loving couple .
Relations are successful by loving each other
soul more than body , understand each other ,
respect each other and be with them in hard

::::: PK ♥MâĎĎÝ :::::

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