I was just watching this television drama which made me think ' Do your real lives are also like that?' We see relationships being made and broken up in every second episode, but is it that easy in real life?

I don't know. Maybe or maybe not. According to me, relationships are the best thing that can ever happen to anyone and yet we seem to degrade their value. When material things fail us, it is the bonds we made over the years help us through. Don't you think?
Family ties are something of another sort but the relationships we make ourselves on our own accord and according to our own choices are the ones to talk about.
Since when did a pretty face or a perfect man become the definition of having a perfect relationships, I wonder? I am young and not quite exposed to the idea of relationships so my source is books, movies and other media. You would say it's lame. But isn't it told that these things are reflection of what goes in the society? Then why do I find a tell-tale imagination in them which is never going to happen? Why is that a perfect person is the definition of forming bonds with? What about us? The imperfect ones? Don't we get a chance?
Well, I think a relationship is about a finding a person you can connect with and maintain that bond even when you both know, that you both are imperfect. The important part is to maintain it, nourish it and live with it. This relationship can be anything, be it a friendship or love, or so I believe.
Then I wonder, why people choose to end when they had so much of themselves involved in it? Aren't they scared to lose the memories? Or they too hurt that they can't bear it anymore? Or what is it? Maybe I will come to know of it better when I experience it. But still I wonder are relationships, so vulnerable yet so important, that it is easy to just end them?

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