Life is not all rose and honey - yet life is certainly not all is not all cynicism and serpentine.
Life is a gift wrapped in silver paper...what's inside is the real you, waiting to be unpacked each day of your existence. If you handle the wrapping with reasonable amount of care, a new you will bare itself every day.

The more you live life the more you get exposed to its daily perils, its adventures and excitement. The more you interact with people in your daily chores, the more life leads you in the right direction. Sitting cooped up will lead you nowhere. Every creativity needs effort, exposure and hard work...nobody can achieve greater heights by simply aping anyone, although there's no harm in having a hero....everybody has one or more than one hero in life....a Guru who can show the correct path

Life leads you on a smooth lane as well as the rough you slip through the smoothness and avoid the pitfalls is what life is all about....

Even if you can't avoid the pitfalls, try your best to sail through with dignity and can dour.....once you celebrate life, it will reward you with the respect and dignity you deserve...


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