\"Is the customer always right!\" - Right or wrong?

Wrong. Contrary to the popular belief that this is the most catchy phrase to attract customers to be loyal to you, I believe that what this statement should be is \"The right customer is always right\".
The customer is the most important consideration because he eventually is your source of income, the one who writes you cheques. The notion of the customer always being right is correct when you seriously need to lure him into buying your product or services, but there always is an additional criterion of negotiation. Encouraging an abrasive customer can lower the employees\' moral and zeal to deliver the best. In a high competition market this statement must be considered a guideline but not otherwise. Delivering the best service is any company\'s primary aim and in many cases the customer can be really wrong and you need to correct him and make him believe and develop his trust in you to such an extent that he is ready to accept your expertise as a business man or service provider, you know the deal well.

I would certainly like the customer to come to me repeatedly and this quote was designed to make them believe that we care. The origin of the phrase was in the USA where it is particularly associated with Marshall Field\'s department store, Chicago (established in the late 19th century).

But as I have no first hand experience in running a business so I would love to read more on this from the real experts who have a day to day involvement is customer handling......

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