Hi guys..hey gals .
Here am I on Mr babu again.
Just watched a sunday evening episode of 'ishq kills', on TV.
Am so shaken.

Its a real life story of how a good looking fellow hooks a neglected, married young woman. Her hubby is always busy with work and has no time for her. Here comes in Mr handsome..woos her..takes her out..gives her quantity time..photographs her dancing away to bliss..makes love with her..(inevitably..what he always wanted)..promises this naive pretty woman that he'd make a good husband. She believes him..and plans to run away somewhere together..son in tow..but..but..but..

Things go awfully wrong from hereon.
He runs away with ALL her just-withdrawn-from-atm cash. Her hubby..now wild with rage walks away out of her life with their son..

Last scene..
She walks towards the edge of the parapet
remembering scenes of her past..her trust totally betrayed..
The end.

Was she naive in falling in love?
Was she right in going around with this guy?
Is she justified when she cheated on her hubby? She always complained he had no time for her.
What could she have done otherwise?
Was her last step right?
Could she have done things differently? Could she have saved her marriage?
What do you folk think?

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