First Semester(HE):
He was nervous,it was evident but somehow the idea of meeting new people excited him. He reached around 9.30 and entered the class. So many faces, each one with so many dreams to achieve. He went to second last bench and sat there. "Hey, I am Rohan." said Rohan. "Sahil" he said. The day ended with him meeting some great guys and gals.
"He is trying so hard to impress the girls."She said to Sahil pointing at Rohan.
That was the first real conversation they had and later, as they say, is history.

Second Semester(SHE):
"Guess what??"Ria said with huge excitement in her voice.
"What?"Sahil answered.
"Rohan proposed me and I said 'yes'......"
"wait!!wow!!!You have to give a treat.."Sahil said.
"You knew it!!Right?"She said in an inquiring voice.
"Yeah. Rohan told me."he answered and they both shared a laugh.
The whole semester went by in a second. It was the best semester of their lives. Sahil's best friend Ria was with Rohan. Those three were going to parties, eating at restaurants, visiting places. Everything seemed nice but every good thing as its expiry date.

Third Semester(HE):
It was Rohan's birthday party and it was only close friends affair. They had booked a restaurant for 9. And that was the first time when he met Sukanya, Rohan's friend. The attraction was instant. She was intelligent and was someone who could give Sahil intellect a run for its money.
A month later they started dating and it was weird coz they both seemed so apart yet the affinity between them was startling electric. "So are you happy with her?"Ria asked him just gazed at him. "Yes." He said. She just looked at him and said "You can't lie to me. I am your best friend." He gave her huge hug and whispered in her ears "I am yours."

Fourth Semester(SHE):
It was a semester of double dates. Not a weekend went by when they did not went clubbing. Their grades faltered,parents got angry,but they were in love and were thickest of friends. At that time,it seemed like they were against the whole world but they still continued with their life.
It was one of those evenings when only Sahil and Ria hanged out with each other. He entered her room and heard her sobbing in the bathroom. "So what happened?" Sahil asked her taking a drag from his cigarette and looking at the moonlit night from the balcony.
"Nothing....It's just..."
Sahil interrupted her and said "You can't lie to me. I am your best friend."
They both laughed and chatted for hours.

Fifth Semester(HE):
Turned out Rohan was cheating on her. It was their first time, Sahil, Ria and Sukanya, those 3 hanging out. It was weird coz Rohan was Sukanya's friend and they simply can't just bad mouth him in front of Sukanya. But in the end, it turned out that Sukanya also dint like the fact Rohan cheated on Ria. The three had a lot of fun. They became kind of Ria's parents. They looked after her, guided her throughout the time when she was most vulnerable,especially Sahil. Sukanya even once said to Sahil "You are spending too much time with her."
It was a birthday party and they were at UG, the hippest club of the town. They had few drinks and she started dancing with complete strangers. She danced till the wee hours.
"Ri, you are drunk?Do you want me to take you home?"Sahil said.
"No, stay up, please stay up."
"Come on please please please"
"Ya man..let her stay. She is an adult" said the stranger.
"Dude, I am not talking to you, shut up, man"Sahil said
"Yeah??yeah??Just fuck Off..."
The next think Sahil remembered was hitting the guy and waking up at the hospital.

Sixth Semester(SHE)
It was all planned. And it was a surprise party which Sahil had no idea about. "Happy birthday to you" Everyone sang in unison as he entered the room.
The next day he was over Ria's house. He said "Thank you for the gift,Ri"
"It is the least i can do.."
"By the way who was the guy with you last night??I never got to know him properly"
"He is the guy i am seeing for like a month."
"You kidding me, right? You remember the bar right. You are vulnerable Ri. that guy will fucking use you and throw you away."
"How do you know that?"
"I just know"
"You know, Sahil...You know nothing...I am single and i can do whatever i want. "
"oh yeah??"
'yeah...And please get the hell out and i am not your responsibility.."

Seventh Semester(HE):
"So what have you thought?"Sukanya asked Sahil.
"About ?"
"Life after college......"
"We'll see when we reach there."
She just looked at him and started to cry. They have been together for almost 2 years but Sahil had never seen her cry. He was feeling a little awkward.
"Why?Why Sahil?Why could not you just share things with me like you used to with Ria?Do you love her?"She asked.
"No, no Sukanya.... I love you and i'll take the TCS job here not the Google one in Hyderabad."
They kissed and it was beautiful.

Eighth Semester(SHE):
"Congrats on the IBM job" the text from Sahil read.
After the incident at her house, they dint talk properly with each other. Her relationships were all failures. He missed him yet never texted him nor called him.But college was going to over in 4 months and she could not just hold her past grudges.
She texted Sahil back "Thank you...I am sorry...Can we meet?"
They met that evening and smiled and hugged each other. He asked "How are you?"
She said "I am great.."
He smiled and replied"You can't lie to me. I am your best friend."

They chatted and chatted and chatted for hours..................................

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