10 a.m. was the time peeping out of my watch when i saw it for the first time of my day.I woke up repenting myself  how could i miss the class scheduled at 9 am. It was a classical mechanics class, not that i don't like it but seriously, in this era of quantum field theory, particle physics, space time wrap who would like to play with springs and pulleys.I wished i had attended it for the sake of attendance.Then I convinced myself that it is of no use to get ready,brush my teeth,wear that week long t shirt which had not been washed since December and go to college.So i thought of sleeping 10 minutes more. I don't know how people's 10 min sleep becomes hell 2 hours as it happened with me, but that 10 min was more like a blissful experience.

Finally woke up at 12:40 after 10 hours of total slumber, went out of my room and the sky surprised me with the thick clouds it had.Come on,yesterday it wasn't like that.Weather showed 19 degree,well thats not bad for Bhubaneshwar,whereas in Rourkela it would had been 11 degree.I had that instincts as I had spent much of my time in Rourkela.The chilly afternoon wind blew carressing every soul it touched. Perhaps the weather was also the reason why I couldn't wake up early.

Lost in the serenity i thought about birds,my hometown,birds in my homwtown,old friends,lives of the prople I could see struggling under a construction house,their families,holidays,places and thoughts whichever crossed my mind.Holding the brush in my hand for past 20 min I looked at the watch and all my senses came back to reality as I had my practicals at 1 30 pm and I am not even ready. 'Its already 13:10' according to my digital watch.

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