Here comes the weekend bringing broad smiles on all faces. Among them are some with huge plans and long to-do list, while others welcome it as a period just to relax.
Some people plan for some adventurous trips, while others love to hangout with family and friends. Some people look out for movies and art performances, while there are some who indulge in learning some kind of art themselves. All those who are interested in cooking, plan to make some new dishes and learn new recipes, while there are some foodies who plan to explore all the new restaurants opened in the city.
Girls look out for weekend sale at clothing outlets, and renew their wardrobe with new garments. Unlike the boys who generally follow one single routine in which they can only relax, learn and eat. On the other hand, kids are piled up with lots and lots of homework from school. But, they make sure they spent their weekend evenings either at gaming or toys store, followed by a Happy Meal at McDonalds. All the daddy's get busy preparing the list of bills to be paid for fridge repair or gas fittings. Next they gear themselves up for various appointments like car service and sometimes the PTAs at their kid's school. Besides these, they do make sure to spend one evening in their style. While every person relaxes with the arrival of Friday, all the moms of the world tighten their shoe laces to make the weekend special for their family. Yes, for moms Friday comes with some additional tasks like preparing varied cuisines from breakfast to dinner, arranging wardrobes and then preparing for the nest week.
But whosoever it may be, Fridays are awaited by all and with the end of one weekend planning begins for the upcoming one.

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