It's scary how people leave scars on
you; how certain people will never
really vanish from the thoughts in
your mind. I mean, I don't think I will
ever get over you. It's not that I'm
sad about us; but, sometimes in the
middle of the day, out of nowhere, I
hear your sentence quoted. I hear
one of you phrases, loud in my mind,
and I feel the way it goes all the way
down to my heart again, destroying
me like a tsunami.
It overcomes you slowly. It's like I
get thrown back into the sea, and
waves of my thoughts are crashing
over me. I don't know how I am
supposed to get over a person, and
you don't have to. You can still cry
after months about it. Even when
you're married and endlessly happy
with that person, you should be able
to cry about your first love. Not
because you're still in love with
them, even if a little part still is, but
because you will always love what
you once loved.
You learn to understand it. With every
new moment and experience in your
life, you start to understand, piece by
piece, what was happening back

::::: PK <3 MâĎĎÝ :::::

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