Now a days everyone wants to grab summit, success, better life and a lot more things even wish for a wish, but no one has enough patience and courage to fight with evil sides of their own-self. Even they have no hope to get their dreams by fair means or by keeping in view of good or bad consequences to attain a pride status.
The major flaw in people is that ,they didn't want to wait for things to be happened slowly but smoothly and fairly. Everyone needs a shortcut, a passage to settle down the life as soon as possible but they never hope that on one day their abilities will lead to success. For such peoples who seemed to be saying that "Life is not a Tip-cat's play", I want to ask that is it all they need a successful life by keeping no hope, no life plan and not enough confidence on their-selves.
The whole discussion behind this World's origin is "HOPE". Till now we see the general peoples thought that what they need and how. But now here we comes to a question that what hope actually is? and how it leads life.
Hope, from the very beginning when Adam and Eve started their lives in this World by keeping hope that on one day they will not be alone anymore and this World will be full of human circle and then with a firm believe on their hope they started life.
Hope by itself never change things, it just provide you the quilt of strength under hard winter time of life's crests and troughs. When you are still in the womb of your mother, its just the hope of your parents that on one day you will take care of them, They, then take care of your education , your health , each and everything of your life so that you will became an upright personality on one day, isn't it a hope?
When you get hurt, or get tired, it is the hope that told you that "Don't worry, everything is gonna be alright soon".
When you astray from the righteous path , your hope keep you calm all the time and provide you strength to set a battle against your hard times until all worries be settle downed some how on some day.
Whenever sudden feelings occupy your mind and turmoil your thoughts, it is just the hope at that time that hold your hand and treat you like a spinster and make everything perfect again.
So, the hope is something more than a gift for us from our Lord. It just help us out through all those odd phenomenons that are not understandable at once. In every aspect, every problem and every field of life the hope is the best companion in all the consequences. So, grab some hope , believe on it, encourage yourself and leads the life.

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