I am spending so much time on WB after so long. I read the posts and took polls, even commented on many. And I must say its really really awesome. I never say this for very obvious reasons but I just need to express myself and yes it feels great.

I also read posts which are about some people leaving WriterBabu. Its not a new thing. All I say to everyone who write a good bye post is that you can never leave ... :) and they really don't leave usually ... not because WB is awesome but because they love writing and writing is actually a fun thing to do. Its a drug for the soul. On the other side I know deep down under that anyone who has come will leave someday. We are not permanent in this world. So getting too attached to something/ someone is not worth it. You had a good time here, and it is all that matters. Just follow your heart. Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you really want to do. You want to write? just write. You don't want to write? don't write. Be where you want to be ... !!

And in this moment I tell myself:
"keep calm and code" ... :P

I wish I could write more often ...

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