Amidst the boring lectures, projects, practices, and my sucked up engineering life was struck an ignorant and irresponsible guy- Me! But amongst all this was something that gave me the power and the energy to face it all! Before bearing the boring teachers, ruthless machines and useless lab experiments, my day had an absolutely amazing beginning that changed my entire day. It was her wake-up call; a gift that every morning bestowed upon me. I would wake up even before the time set in for the alarm clock to ring and would wait for her call. For her sweet voice to run thru my ears and make my morning wonderful, for her morning wishes that actually made my day even better and for her in between the call yawns that signified she’d woken up only to wake me up. Oh! I loved that girl and the small little things she did for me.
My wait came to end and as I was lying on my bed staring at the endless darkness inside my room, my phone started to vibrate and with only an eye I saw her name appearing on the screen and with unlimited excitement and feeling a few butterflies in my stomach, I picked up the phone and answered- “Hi, Baby!” and with her half sleepy voice she answered – “Uth gaya mera baccha!” in a sweet child-like tone which was new to my surprise. Innocent actions like these make me fall in love with her all the more. After that she asked me to meet her in the evening after her coaching classes, I immediately agreed without even looking at my day’s schedule.
It was an off from college, and I was relaxing in my garden, sitting on my favourite rocking chair and reading a mystery novel but my thoughts kept running to what was going to happen in the next few hours. I just couldn’t focus on the novel and her beautiful face kept coming in front of my eyes, I saw her as I closed my eyes and I wanted to see her as soon as possible. I quickly went on to get my shave done and got ready as quickly as possible. The eternal wait was finally coming to an end, but before that I decided to halt to buy her a red rose, I kept it inside my jacket’s inner pocket and went on to her coaching centre. I wanted to give her a surprise by reaching early but as usual I was late and she was already standing outside her institute. I couldn’t take my eyes off her she looked so beautiful I wondered. I was still at some distance and I kept on admiring her, as if the rest of the world had become non-existent for me. I immediately called her up “where are you?” she inquired. Ignoring her question I complimented her “You look beautiful in that white kurti” she started to blush but within a second “Wait! Can you see me? Where are youuu?” “and your hair coming up and sticking to your juicy pink lips just can’t be ignored” I continued. “Raghav! Don’t do this to me. I can’t wait to see you” “and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, turn back!” she immediately turned back and with her big brown eyes looked at me in awe and smiled; I smiled back. She delivered a small peck on my left cheek. I asked her to hop on and as decided we moved on to our favourite café on my bike.
The weather was quite romantic and sweet winds blew kissing our faces, we both enjoyed it and the smooth bike ride that gave me some more time to be with her. She realized it already and slowly placed her right hand on my shoulder. I acknowledged it and honked twice, she giggled in return. How could nature not play its part in our love story? It started drizzling within a few minutes and as Aditi enjoyed the rain, I knew she wouldn’t want to go and get locked inside the café, I took a U-turn and headed to the nearby park I was aware of. As we reached there, it started raining softly and she asked me “Why have you stopped here? We were going to the café right?” “na! we’re gonna enjoy the rain!” she looked surprised but her eyes , her eyes showed excitement and joy! I parked my bike at the front of the park’s gate and we quickly ran towards the shed in the middle of the park. She held my hand and as we reached there, she looked at me and laughed, at the randomness we’d just witnessed. The chill was at its peak and she started rubbing her hands to get some warmth. A few rain drops trickled down her cheek from the forehead and I rubbed it off with my thumb, she looked at me and I kept on admiring her. Slight winds blew, and started playing with her locks all over again, that’s when held her hand and kissed it, she blushed and said “I love it when you do this” “I love it when you say this” I added. To add a little more romance to it, I picked out the rose from my pocket and handed over to her, she accepted it and took it in her hand and looked at it for a minute and then kissed it and then looked at me. There was absolutely no need for words for us then, our eyes did the talking. Her sweet smile and glowing eyes conveyed it all. “Thanks for coming in my life” I whispered. She looked at me and came closer; I knew what she was upto, and I slightly opened my arms and she placed her head on my chest and wrapped her arms around my waist. I just loved the moment and never wanted it to be over. I slightly kissed her above her head and held her shoulders. It was a moment of bliss for me. we were completely wet by that time, but it didn’t matter; We then came back to the reality and sat down at the bench moving a little far from the shed.
The cool breeze made her locks bar the view of her beautiful face and tiny droplets drenching her face even more. I sat beside her witnessing each activity of the nature to make me feel like the happiest man alive. I still remember the time she turned to me and just smiled and said millions of words silently with her gorgeous eyes. She then asked about the time and not realizing that we’d spent two hours, she asked me to drop her back to her place before dark. We then moved towards my bike, she then again mounted on the back seat and we headed on to her place. Rain hadn’t completely stopped and it was still drizzling.
She rested her head on my back and slowly moved her hands up my chest. Chills ran down my spine, but I controlled. I started humming her favourite song and she joined in. we both enjoyed the evening, and it probably was the best time spent with her. Then she unexpectedly asked- “raghav, How much do you love me?” “Why this question suddenly?” “Tell na! I wanna know” “Aditi, I love you to the extent that I would spend my whole life with you riding this bike in this rain with you at the back with me” she didn’t say anything but I knew she smiled. She opened her arms in the air screaming “I love you Raghav!!!!!!!” “I love you too, My Aditi” I whispered holding her one hand with mine as I kissed it.
As we were about to reach her place, she kissed me on the back, not realizing it would get noticed by me. I could feel her soft and warm lips on my spine and by that time all I wanted was to hold her in my arms and not let go. But we reached her society gate and it was time to say bye. In return for her action I kissed her on the cheek and said “Be mine forever” she smiled and winked at me, probably for the first time and waved me goodbye.


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