Je Suis? Je Suis? .............Je Suis??

Are we so cruel to kill someone for something they said, which we found offensive?

Are we so insensitive to comment on someone's religion which they hold dear to their heart?

Are we so hypocrite to hide our dirty work under the pure sheath of the religion?

Are we so blind to see the limitations of the freedom to express?

.........We can't disrespect somebody's religion and term it as freedom of expression and expect a no reaction.
Also, killing is never an answer to any thing and it will never be. You just proved the people that they were right to publish such insulting things about you........
We are not gaining here anything, except for hatred and sadness for fellow humans. What is happening to the world? Why are we losing our humanity?
I'm sure we were never taught to demean something for which they strongly stand for. I'm sure we were taught not to harm others then why are we getting down to kill others?

Religion teaches us to respect, love, accept and tolerate humans in the most non-violent way possible, then why are we killing in its name??

We are given ''Freedom of Expression'' to express our views and opinions freely to show the people different sides and perspectives to a story but not to demean them. There are invisible inhibitions to everything, so does Freedom. Nothing is absolute here, didn't you know that? People are sensitive, then why are failing to realize it? Why we are expecting them to take something sportingly, which they regard as their blasphemy?

Have we failed to realize that we all are different? No one's right and wrong here. Both the sides did what they felt was ''correct'', because they thought the other was "wrong''. A clash of opinions is what I will call it here, which resulted in loss of lives which we were not meant to be lost.....

Fear. Remorse. all we're felt with. Now, we're divided again...the world is divided again, when it was already falling apart. We're losing our faith in humanity and its religion and don't know anymore, in what and where should we place our faith and belief.

Sometimes, it feels that we don't even know what we stand for?
What have we become?
What is left of us?
........What am I?........Je Suis?......

And if the answer is ''Human'', I am hardly interested to be that.

P.S. - This a subjective opinion. It may be right or not. Please let it be just some random article.

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