Today, our wishes our motives our passion  has made us the slave of our jobs. What is Job? In this world everyone desperately wants a job with good pay. So, now after completing our studies, we start searching for a job and forcefully , by defeating the competitors and yes Congratulations..!! You have got the job-  Jabaran on Board.We start dreaming of getting our wishes fulfilled with the salary amount.But, with time we get so much dependent on that Job and salary, that everything in life starts revolving around the Job.Even if you dont like the work the job, you have to continue working as you have EMIs,rent, bills payments that keeps you scaring throughout the month and that become the fact on 1st of every month.So, by this time you can actually realise and feel that you are alive and surviving because you have a job.When you have the job, this world looks rosy, people around you feel the good vibes from you, you are fulled with enthu with excitement for the future.So, now at this point you need to ask two things to yourself-

Is you job buying you the happiness of life?For whom you want this job desperately other than for yourself?

You are actually not happy, as you are just getting the money and you are going to malls,pubs,luxry resturants and you can afford that, this makes you feel happy.But, its not the actual happiness. Happiness is when you really wanted to go for work, when you come back from office you are not tired but fully energised and more charged.All days cannot be like that to be very practical but everyone experience some hard days and that is part and parcel of life.The lay offs creates more panic in the people earlier than anytime before because they are tied to strict and heavy EMIs and payments.

Generally, I share my bad or good things of the day with my special friend. So, sharing releases my stress and feels that something I have positive in my life.From last few days, due to some of my mistakes or deeds, my SF started feeling that she is no more special to me. But she dont know, everyday what I feel and what position she holds in my life.By the way, she is busy with her best friends wedding so she is going busy and enjoying the wedding. So, I tried to share what I have been through in these few days but by listening to her voice over phone, I cannot allow myself to speak out something that may effect her excitement and enjoyment. But guys, I will try to share it once she becomes free for sure. When you have so much to say and to share your heart out but you know you cannot, it really feels so heavy at heart.So, I have tried today to write my heart out here.I am working in one of the Big 4s as an auditor. There was so much work pressure and they keep suppressing me and others alos for the work wit the work loads. I am taking the load but suddenly what happened to me , i dont know I was damn frustrated or what I felt that day, I outbursted everything in front of my AM and Manager. And that too, I have initiated the dicussion with both of them to make them clear that how we are working and what is the work load they are not realising and other issues. I had the longest meeting with them ever since I have joined this company. The meeting continued for few hours where I have told everything and I wanted to know that there is something wrong from their side and we are suffering for it.But, they have backfired me with that I am going wrong everywhere and they have done their job at best. Both scroundels, dont know what we work. They are new joiners to our team and new to the team as well.But, they think they know more than us. They remain on business tours for weeks and then they think that they are correct and have done any mistake and we are the culprits. The problem lies there, when you have a team with an unexperienced and idiot AM and manager and they are driving the whole team according to them.But, there in the meeting they played a blame game with me.And then at the end, we came to the conclusion that whatever went wrong is because of me and they have came out of the argument and the blame cleanly.That day, I felt like hell. I was feeling like to shout at them and tell them you bastards, you are good for nothing.But again you know, Jobs and dreams go hand in hand. I f you have the job, you can invest or spend something for your dream otherwise you are dead.But, I want this job desperately beacuse I have a dream and I pursue this everyday, whether my day is good or bad,to see my family my special ones happy, smiling and to fulfill their needs, dreams. but that doesnt mean, I am sacrificing my needs. I am just trying to find out my happiness in the admist of all this high voltage real drama of life.

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