“Take me to the stars
And leave me there
I want to see them
Closely, not just from
My window, when the sky
Is cloudy, take me now, papa!”

Stretching little arms said
Jojo little girl, looking at his
Warming eyes of safe brown
They were in the green room
With all her toys around,
With little green cat and parrot
She loved to dance for her papa,
Lifting up her green dotted skirt,
Whirling as a butterfly around him
Her eyes sparkling with innocence,
She never understood why her
Father used to cry…in hidden
In the evening time, she was so
Happy and so free in her paradise.

“sleep well my Jojo girl, then
in the night I`ll wake you up
will take you in my loving arms
and fly with you to the stars,
But I couldn`t leave you there”

“Papa, I won`t be there alone
you stay with me, as my angel!”

She slept so fast and peacefully
In moment, her eyes were closed
Her father felt a salty tear,
Flowing slowly from his eyes,
Jojo, she didn’t know, she was
Near the end of life,
as she had

{ © n.nour}

Tags: Love, Illness, Dream

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