not knowing what to say,
I am here to scirbble down my feelings because I am feeling like writing today
what to write about,
the feb rain?
Or the long walk getting wet in the rain?
or the boy taking three rounds with his car for the lift to offer ??
or the guy with eyes so cat like green carrying the fresh effects of the lovely weather?
Whatever it is, it is about the rain ...
That long walk from my uni to the market
I always love walking long distances
but I used to hate rains before this
Now I am falling in love with them
Though, I was recovering from my cold cough and flu
yet, I dared walking that long distance in the weather so rainy
It was not harsh today...
It was pleasant
Or may be because I was feeling pleasant.
Well, I admit that I was unusually in the good mood in my bad condition and in the heavy non stop rain!
Yes, I was feeling cold all the way to market, but
on my way back I was alone, and I was more comfortable
I was walking with my head down, with a blue umbrella over me and a clutch in my hand
the feeling was like a free bird that could fly anywhere
with cold breaths, and smoke comming out of my mouth, I was heading up so calmly as if I am free of all the worries
there, when I came to cross the road, I noticed someone on the bike
He was slim, in black and grey
hair little grown up, wiht a cap tiltlted on his head,
and here he passed by my side on the bike, and gave a quick glance to me
I didnot bother at that time,
but when I headed up, I noticed his bike slowing down
and it finally stopped at some distance from me
I stopped too as I had to cross the road
I waited for the traffic to slow down
and he also mangaged his bike on stand and stood near it,
getting wet in rain, he stood there watching me,
I looked at his feet from under my umbrella, and then I looked at his face..
Oh my God, he was cute, having some kind of innocency on his face
and the way he stood there as if a kid hopes to be noticed for something good
It made me smile a little
at the same moment, he smiled back and kept noticing me
I shook my head smilingly and turned away,
It was like a meaningless, yet pleasant non-verbal communication
I headed up to cross the road,..
and the shine on his face went dim
he sat on his bike, rode it around the u-turn,
and came to my side of the road, by then I had entered my lane
following me, he passed by me so slowly looking staright into my eyes
it didnot tense me, though he followed me down to my street, but it didnot feel any worry
rather it gave me a feeling of some unknown connection
he said nothing vulgar and did not say a word at all, nor even any compliment like other spoilt annoying guys
and there he went to the end of the alley, and stood again, in the hope that I may pass him by there
but, to my luck I had already reached my destination
and as I headed towards my gate, giving him a final glance,
from the distance I could see his eyes ... turning hopeless
I could read his expressions... and there I hurried inside as soon as the guard opened the gate...
there the connection ended,,, with no feelings at all... it was just a moment... a moment in rain
a moment with no regrets, a moment with no bad stuff, a moment with no language...
just a very small part of my life ...
a moment which made me smile...
I admired that guy for not passing any comment to me nor even trying to snatch a chance to talk to me...
all was just at distance...
I just wanted to share it...
not everything is meant to be negative...
Live in your moments!!

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