Being an advertiser in the making since last August,as the course is heading towards an end, it just strikes a growing child, all that i knew of brands was the rivalry between Coke and Pepsi, Horlicks and Complan and other FMCG products that my family used. Now as a professional in the making, we at our renowned institute were made to fiddle with brands, day in and day out. Discussing brands, their journey, present scenario, performance, growth and other stuff over the tasteless cup of coffee and deep drags of cigarette, outside the campus of course, had become a habit.
We were taught that a brand comprises of both, the tangible and the intangible benefits. They have a personality, a position of their own in the clutter of many similar entities who are nothing but competition. Every strategy that the think-tank makes for the brand has to invariably be in sync with its personality.
Every time i read and discussed brands I was forced to think of the innumerable similarities that brands had with humans. But what made me sad and disappointed was only if humans spared enough time thinking of fellow human-beings as brands do for fellow brands. IS IT JUST BECAUSE MONEY MATTERS!.......silent repentance!

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