I saw her,
And she stared back.
Her face full of expressions,
But smile she did lack.

I smiled a little,
And a little did she smile.
Her eyes hid a story,
May be journey of a mile.

What’s your hidden story?
What’s that you want?
I gently asked her,
Or is the memories that haunt!

Saw her thinking hard,
I waited for the replies.
After a deep sigh,
The answer was in her eyes.

To all my questions,
Only one answer i could find.
Million thoughts of her dreams,
Kept running through her mind.

Keep trying until you succeed,
I assured her with a smile.
She will fulfill her dreams,
Even if it takes a while.

Who is she?
You might think.
How i understood her,
Within an eye’s blink?

She is no one else,
Just another ordinary girl.
A girl in the mirror,
Who wish to change the world.

Tags: Dreams, Girl, LIFE, Eyes, Dreams

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