Life is a race don’t turn the face, just go on,
Believe your strengths change the trends, just go on,
Though it is a tough time but don’t you evade,
Certainly, circumstances will change, you just wait,
If the whole world is against you,
If life seems to be a riddle without any clue,
If the destiny pulls you back every time,
& you have to be the culprit without committing the crime,
If every one is blaming you and you are alone,
& being enervated you are shattering in your own,
Even if the vibes are full of gloomy thoughts,
& at every step you have to face new plots,
When living seems to be hard and tough,
& the path is very long and very tough,
If every breath is full of lugubrious fragrance,
& every moment is giving you a new menace,
Then also don’t you worry, just go on,
Surely conditions will alter, just go on,
Go on you valor, fight the battle,
Make your self tough & turn your nerves into metal,
Fight the war as hard as no one else has ever fought,
Break all the rules & destroy every despairing clot,
Destroy all barriers & let the hopes flow in your mind,
Just show the world that you are indeed a person of special kind,
Get your self ready for the deadly and restless race,
Show your courage, run so fast that no one else dares to chase,
You are a warrior, you are a trendsetter; yes indeed you are,
Walk with confidence even if the destination is very far.


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