Music plays an integral role in my life. It is everywhere around me whether be my victories, failures, happiness or sorrow.

It is available for every season,
It is a must to mark every occasion.

Every festival that I ever celebrated in all these years,
Was there even when I was facing my fears.

It provided me a beautiful way of expressing my emotions and made me learn how to deal
with every wound that I needed to heal.

Just like a loyal friend, never let me feel alone.

Music knows no boundary. It connects people, not only with each other but to their inner most self.
It is a universal language, similar to love. One doesn’t need to understand the language to feel it. Just like love it is a matter of heart which goes in deeper to your soul.

On today’s occasion of World Music Day I would just like to express and share my appreciation for the love and music in my life.

Celebrate music!
Celebrate love!
Celebrate life....

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