Sometimes she wonders if she's too slow or everyones' running so fast. In this race of life where the goal is to be at the top, no matter what it costs, no matter what it takes away from you. Everyone perceives you have to climb up to the sky, lost and alone in the white mist of success winning the race all alone. But she didn't want to be lost, she wanted to climb but not alone, not as a race which everone is running.


She always dreamt of acheiving big goals, she knew where she wanted to go but never knew what road to take. And now it seems that she is left far behind from everyone. But wait, who are these everyone? Do these eveyone really matter to her? Where were these 'everyone' when she was struggling with her fears and failures? They were nowhere, nor will they ever be.


So, here recollecting all her courage together she can vaguely see the road to be taken to reach her crystal clear goal, feeling the rush in herself. Terrified at the same time. She keeps her fears clenched into her fists, stands up tall and whispers to herself, "It's just the beginning, just keep moving.".

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