She sat in a corner, away from the world
staring at nothing, playing with her curls
She saw a blue eyed boy playing alone
Moving on his own music... making a swirl

She thought to herself... oh! what a pity!
Can't his parents get him a friend or at least a kitty!
He has nobody to play with, neither to confide
He seems so helpless.. wonder how hasn't he cried?

Ugh! That's how cruel this world is, she thought
Doesn't care for a single act of love in this drought!
Unaware of the reality... she shut her eyes tight...
covering her face away from the beautiful morning light

It was safer there, in the darkness of hers
where she was the victim for every curse
Easier to blame the world and demand answers out of nothing
rather take charge and curb the darkness within

She was a pro at pulling herself out of light
Always denying that her shivers were due to her own fright
And as and when a single ray of love pierced...
She crushed it with all her might

Her eyes opened, her mind dark and careworn
only to find that the boy was gone
"Oh! probably he is crying somewhere in the corner now! Amazing parenting!"
Smirking, she snuggled back in the thoughts of her dark dome

Not far away the blue eyed boy excitedly smiled,
"Mommy that park also has a tunnel! Can I go play?"
"Don't stay alone in the dark for long sweetheart." the mother lovingly smiled
"The 'dark' has monsters & they know how to seduce us away!"

बुरा जो देखण मैं चला बुरा न मिलया कोए...जो मन खोजा आपणा तो मुझसे बूरा न कोए

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