You have a dream. A dream with your eyes wide open…which is more vivid and more radiant than reality. A dream that threatens you to stay or have an encounter with the listless and tasteless world out there packed into a dying globe.

Would you want to wake up? Yes… only because you don’t want to end up losing yourself!

Reality. What is reality really? Blowing of the wind…rising and setting of the sun…the constant honking of the cars you hear when you are TRYING to snuggle at home? No. These are all facts. Facts amidst what you live… or at least pretend to. Your reality lies within you. The REAL world is what you want to see and how you want it to be.
Reality is a mere reflection of yourself… how you picture the situation you are into… it says a lot about how you are and how have you led your life up till now. Just like any other unfathomable feeling… reality is an illusion that you create around yourself. It effects your actions… your confidence… your impulse. Reality as a matter of fact has innumerable facets. Every one perceives their own reality with a different concept and angle. Some might take a sinking ship as cue for their karma while some might celebrate having taken those dreaded swimming lessons!

You might want to think that your perception or mindset is correct… but don’t forget that there are infinite beings, who, at this very moment, are thinking the same. I was wrong when I once said that ‘you change when you don’t have the courage to change the circumstances which surround you’. As a matter of fact… change is as important – as anything else – to live… maybe more. When you don’t change, you are stuck in being who you were days, months, years back. And there is that one inevitable, ominous, untraceable element that keeps changing regardless how rigid YOU are… TIME. And unless you manage to keep your pace with this snob… you are in deep mess!

This annoying unstoppable roller coaster has mood swings higher than that of an infant…or a women! And the only way to let it stop mocking you over and over again is to make sure you learn everything that it intends to teach you... be ready to take the whip.

And trust me, as the time passes by, you would do nothing but smile at the strait that just ended. No matter how tedious it was.
So are you wrong when snuggled into your own Eldorado with your own utopian characters? No. Life can get a bit nasty and we need those little sylphs sometime ;)

But yet again, it is not the only alternative for an unfit reality. This illusion can be changed with a slight change of perception.

So what would you do the next time your world seems to be filling itself with all the unwanted chaos and despair? Just turn your kaleidoscope and watch a whole new picture of your ‘reality’.

Because change is the only thing you need to keep constant… throughout...

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