I Know myselff. You know youself. What does it means. It means we all know our strengths and weaknesses. Knowing is knowledge. Like we know the 99 percent of wealth lies with only 1 percent people. Are not they smart enough to make money ?

Know yourslef first
Get motivated by your inner self who can strive to set bigger goals possible.

Never Look back into your past failures
Take lessons from the past but never be underwhelmed and demotivated by your past failures. If there was failure there must be success for you. You are the doer and believe in yourself
Believe in youself
We are so powerful as we have got a belief system which is vigourously powerful, Just be on the positive side of things and self motivate yourself.
Nothing comes easy
Nothing in this world comes easy. Hardwork has no replacement. No one can replace hardwork and nothing could ever replace hardwork. Keep working
Believe in God
Believe in God as you believe you will become more powerful and positive day by day

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