now this was the ultimate question. the scholar gulped down all the knowledge in the world and through sheer hard-work and discipline that is. there was a reason for everything she could tell that ever happened under the sun, or even beyond the sun for that matter.
there was a serenity in her countenance. yet there was something missing. that nagging feeling of something amiss. at long last the knowledgeable folk came to terms with it. it was her ego, just like the bald and aged professor you encountered in the courtyard of your college. he is a learned fellow alright, even has published a few papers. but he is not amicable. he may even derive some sadistic pleasure in failing his students. her wisdom was of a superior quality agreed and not bound by some disciplines, but still it was very dry. it was driven by ego she concluded and resulted in an even inflated ego. and then there was the misery caused by the ego.
what should she do she thought? the achievements could bring her worldwide accolades but still couldnt quench her aching thirst - not of knowledge but of satisfaction. Then she happened to notce the mother whose child was in primary school. she made a poin to learn with her child and teach him the book lessons. in the process, she became learned over the years herself. but she did not seem to require any accolades for her newfound knowledge and this baffled the scholdar. and aha, she grasped the secret in a second, the missing ingredient was love or care in her pursuit.
and since then, the scholdar has been busy to understand what could that be that she loved so much to bring her joy by merely engaging in the activity so there is satsfaction inherently and there is no unnecessary inflated ego thereafter.
you have any suggestions? what do you love so much?

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