“A small drop of tear roll down from the corner of my eyes as soon as I see your face in my heart. I feel like hell when I miss you. There’s only you around me, even if I am surrounded by huge bunch of friends. Even my brain starts following your thoughts. My day starts with you and it ends with you.”
Much much more feelings burden on you when you think of that special someone. Love is a major part of life. It creates and destroys. The most amazing feeling in the world is the so called, feeling of love. A couple, happy in their life, walking around together hand in hand, sitting on the bench close to each other, hugging each other at the moment of happiness and sadness, actually doesn’t know, what the fate has decided for them. Every successful lovestory passes through three stages.

The first stage is the L… Love itself. The stage where all the emotions awake from deep within your heart and try to come out to be expressed in front of your loving partner. For some people, these feelings, don’t even take a moment to get awoken. And for some, it takes eternities. But, both these paths shows the same platform, which the love has to reach. Some of them are brave enough to express all the feelings to their love partner, but some just hide all the feelings inside themselves in the fear of losing or being hated by the person whom they truly love. Still, they try to do all those things due to which their love can at least give a beautiful and cute smile, but secretly. The moment when our souls are connected, we start feeling the love. When the love has completely affected the person’s mind, heart, actions, thought, and almost the whole working body, then we are being preceded to the next stage of love.

The second stage is the stage S… It means sacrifice. Unknowingly or knowingly, we sacrifice most of our most loving things to our partners just in order to make them smile and be cheerful. Even if we know that the person we love, doesn’t love us, we do things which are out of our limits just to make them happy. We never have complaints or any demands for them. We just want to give them as much as we can. But we don’t actually give to them. We are taking a lot from them. We are always having the profit. The happiness we give them always makes us happier more than a thousand times. We are actually being selfish by sacrificing our whole life, and whole soul to them.

The third and the last stage of a love story is the worst part. Not even, a single lover wants to experience this part of the story.
It is the D… Desolation. It soaks out all the happiness, which the Love and the sacrifice had given us. Besides, it gives a pain which can’t be even imagined in life. No other pain can be compared to the pain which we get from being left alone by our only true love. Even though the whole world surrounds us, we always feel, we are always alone. The thought of being away from your love leaves us crying the whole night. The tears never seem to end. At this stage, the hell comes to us. A smile on the face always hides the emotions from others but it never cures our badly injured heart. Some weak people feel defeated in life and give up their life. Some try to become strong and continues their life without their true love. But the warriors are those, who decide to stand up again and try again to get their true love.

Love is a test. The warrior person who stands up at the end of the stage of desolation only gets their love and the life. Those who give up their life, are the failures and those who try to be strong and continue their life are the average people but they always get another chance in their life to prove themselves.
The happy ending is only after LSD. But only few lucky people, gets the chance to skip the third stage because they prove themselves deserving of the love in the first two stages itself.

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