I was probably one of those who felt that the weakest link of the glitzy College drama SOTY was this new Bhatt chic Aalia, and I had no qualms about bashing her left right and centre.

‘She is so average!’

‘She gave an audition and that shit is just a lie..’

‘The guys would go a long way, how long can she survive on Karan Johar’s shoulders?’

Assumptions. Yes, we rock that school.

So she was this one girl, who was rich and who made it to the Dharma corridors and forward to romance two really good looking men on screen. She got to wear stunning clothes and a lot of fame followed. Yes, her life is what every girl, not generalizing, but EVERY GIRL would love to be in. Maybe that’s why so much criticism for the first film. Like it does, it made me feel a little better about my own life cuz booyeah, she won’t survive, she is a dead actor!

Cut to present: Surprise surprise, I am a fan! And the transition has been a full blown one.

Yes, Alia Bhatt is not just a brand name, a young star who has given sleepless nights to her contemporaries but has a reliable fan base in reckoning. And to be honest, she has earned it.

It would be no exaggeration to say that she is one of the most vouch able star of the decade. The girl, all of 23 is a proud owner of a bachelor pad in Mumbai, swears by designer brands, has a hottie for a boyfriend and producers lining up to her; dream life much?

To give it a perspective, what clicks about Aalia? The girl, who could have been just like any other star kid has carved an alcove for herself. When she appears for an interview, she is fiery and funny, brazen and unabashed. She often makes a fool of herself (do we need to mention the KWK President episode?) but she takes it all in her stride and uses even that, to her popularity as seen in the ‘Genius of the year’. Good job Aalu!


She does an amusing Kavya once and then she does a Bihari no-named character in Udta. Yes, try to remember, she stunned in the portrayal without having to lean on a name! The power-house of talent has come a long long way from her SOTY days and we couldn’t be more glad. As father Mahesh Bhatt once said, she is super ambitious and there are no horizons for her acting. We so agree Bhatt Saab.

The inimitable thing about this 23-year old, unlike her contemporaries is that she might not be highly educated but the girl knows the nuances of the business too well. From being the heiress of Dharma proprietor Karan to creating right chemistry with Varun on and off during promotions, the girl knows what helps her stay. Her social media is relatable, from trip pictures to workout ones, Aalia acts her age and makes up for a goofy person we would all wish to be around.

Her talk shows are fun, she might not say the smartest thing but sure knows how to keep you engaged. She presents herself well and knows the fine line of when to be taken seriously and when to let go!

So, just like a fan in me did, it’s time to applaud the sassy smart tiny ball of zaniness..because that’s the story we need, that’s how we humanize a Phoenix rising.

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