"DREAMS ARE NOT THOSE WHAT YOU SEE IN SLEEP . IT IS THE THING WHICH DOESNOT LET YOU SLEEP ",this famous adage has now became a slogan for thousands of students and aspirants ...but for me its a prayer .This is an article for the legend from a student's desk .A salute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. May his soul rest in peace

Born in humble circumstances in a Muslim family in rural Tamil Nadu, a young boy who sold newspapers as a boy to help his family make ends meet, rose to the highest office in the land. And he did so not through the conventional route of a political career but through the dint of hard work as a scientist in government service.

India's "missile man", as he was dubbed in the popular press, Abdul Kalam was a rocket scientist who rose to prominence as head of the country's successful civilian space and missile defence programmes.
He also touched hearts, as the outpouring of national grief at his demise has once again made clear.

He was extraordinary for other reasons too.

As a Muslim steeped in Hindu culture, he was to many an oddity - a scientist who could recite classical Tamil poetry, who played the rudra-veena, a traditional South Indian instrument, and listened to Carnatic devotional music every day, but performed his namaz with no sense of incongruity.

In melding the Islam into which he was born with a strong sense of the traditions in which his civilization was anchored, Abdul Kalam was a complete Indian, an embodiment of the eclecticism of India's heritage of diversity.

With his long silver hair unfashionably combed back and his thick Tamilian accent, he was an unlikely pop culture idol, but that was what he became.

His popularity was undimmed by his relinquishment of office. In retirement he set himself a demanding schedule of speeches, notably to educational institutions, and had an uncanny ability to connect with a variety of audiences.Abdul Kalam was also, unusually for an Indian who occupied the high positions he did, a man of great simplicity.

Legion are the recollections of his waiting patiently for a bus, having breakfast at his favourite teashop, talking to people from backgrounds as humble as that which he had outgrown. In this simplicity lay the secret of his ability to connect with people, across the boundaries of age, class, religion and region.

In his life and his work, APJ Abdul Kalam embodied the best of what India can be.

India has never had a more beloved president. Active till the end, he left the world in mid-speech, as if to remind us that he still had something more to say.

The shock of his sudden passing has left a nation bereaved. India mourns his death, but will long celebrate his life. If the meaning of RIP is Rest in Peace then i would say for you RIP stands for Return If Possible .You were my idol Kalam sir


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