There are moments,
Unusual and unwanted,
Exceptional and eccentric,
Unexpected and unwelcomed,
Emotional and evil,
Where without remorse,
Promises are broken,
And hearts too,
Love becomes deceitful,
Closed ones betrayed,
And transformations occur,
The mighty sky,
Shining royal blue,
Warm spring sun,
Birds, butterflies and kites,
Becomes dull grey,
With angry clouds,
Deafening thunder scream,
Blinding lightning bolts,
Raging winds howl,
Like angry wolves,
Like mighty wolves,
Straight from hell,
Its deepest pit,
Its darkest hole,
Filled with snakes,
A putrid stink,
Of decaying vomit,
Of drying piss,
Of rotting meat,
Of fossilized bones,
Of raging flames,
And grinning insects,
And cheerful maggots,
And vengeful spiders,
And venomous scorpions,
What a wind!
Such mighty storm,
These unwanted moments,
They hurt me,
Torture my soul,
Prick my insides,
Numb my feelings,
They confuse me,
Scavenging upon me,
Injecting into me,
Anger, frustration, and
Putrid thoughts where,
I feel like
Spitting upon love,
Crushing lovely flowers,
Swearing at people,
Punching a wall,
Hurling a mug,
With such force,
It shatters marvelously,
Into tiny fragments,
Like helpless dreams,
Of my own,
Rejecting the world,
This whole world,
This lovely world,
This deceitful world,
These unwelcomed moments,
You better believe
My only wish:
Leave me alone...

I am but only a defeated Knight.

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