"koyla kala hai chattano ne pala hai..
andar kala bahar kala..
par saccha hai salaaa....
koylaa kala hai chattano ne pala hai..
andar kala bahar kala..
par sacha hai salaaa..

I am not singing..this was the scene when Nikhil a.k.a Chikuu a guy who is always upto something new..only when he see's a new movie..then he is upto something else when he see,s another..like after watching Lakshya this guy wanted to go to army..He had also joined MCA after watching Iqbal..had painted his wall after watching Taare zameen par..probably that is the reason his father did not allow him to watch 'Dostana"
and Prakash a.k.a Tashi.. Dont know why people called him Tashi..but he thought its classy..so they called him Tashi..
were watching the trailer of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag on TV. only few days were left for its release.
and these two were very excited to watch it. like everyone else. because surely the film had something to give.
but it depended on how one takes.

Chiku: PAKYAA..dekhhh kyaa bhagaa hai yaar milkhaa..lets go n watch it mann..il buy your tickets..

Tashi: Dude..(sounding very careless.. careless like someone has attacked India with nuclear weapons.. and this guy is like.. well its pretty cold in here.. need a smoke..)
Dude.. its not Milkha.. he is Farhan.. the 'Rock on' Wanna be.. with a husky voice.. M not gonna see him.. even if u buy me popcorn..

Chiku: bhayyy please!! ill buy u cigarettes.. your brand.. a box of it!! look at him mann.. that guy has really got his legs on fire.. (says it fast.. looking at trailer.. the rock music makes him crazy)

Tashi: ok I agree on that.. but if I do not like it. M gonna walk out of the theater b4 interval.. ( Tashi has done it 4 times with chiku.. once while watching RGV KI AAG..while watching Tees MAAR Khan.. While watching Khiladi 786.. And last while watching Vidya Balan's Kahani..coz he thot Vidya Balan did not expose like dirty picture)

Chiku was excited.. posting all over facebook.. watsapp about how he is gonna watch it on the very day of its release.. n recommending people to watch it.. as if he was the marketring head of Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra Films..

Finally the Day had come.. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was in theaters..

Hoardings everywhere.. the buzz about the film being great was everywhere.. everyone was talking about how great and inspirational it was.. these two had booked tickets for an evening show.. it was a single screen local theater..

They entered the theater full Dolby sound.. jam packed theater..

Chiku: look Tashi.. kya public aayi hai bhayy milkha ko dekhne.. sahiiii haiii bosss.. (excited)
Tashi: hmmm
Chiku: Its going to be a great film..
Tashi: hmm
Chiku: CROWDS gonna go crazy..
Tashi: Hmm
ChIKU: pUT that 'hmm' in your a$$ and say something..
Tashi: Hmm

Chiku fed up of that hmm ignores it.. finally the movie starts after all the trailers being played and the national anthem..

the movie starts.. scene by scene the excitement in people increases.. people flow along the struggle of Milkha Singh shown in the movie..
comes the scene where Milkha Singh has his first race with former champion..
Milkha is being underrated by the Pakistani athlete.. which hits him in the heart.. and he goes on to win the race..
but mean while the scene happens the audience reacts as if they are watching a real race..

anonymous crowd: Milkhaaa bhaaaaaaagggg
chiku: come onnnn milkhaaaaa
people standing up their seats.. cheering up for milkha singh (actually farhan akhtar)
A sardar jumps out of his seat: JO bole so Nihal
crowd roars: sat sri akal

you can imagine how it is in single screen theaters.. where audiences live the movie while watching.. people cried.. they applauded..
they danced on Milkha's victory..

now came the moment where CHIKU was on Fire.. tears were in his eyes.. when he saw the last scene of the movie..
well Tashi was not in that same mood.. though he liked the movie..

suddenly when the crown was leaving..
Chiku: Bro apne ko bhi bhagna chahiye.. its very good.. may be we can take part in Olympics.. dekh yaar milkha ji ne bhi kaha hai.. agar mehnaat karo toh sab kuch hai asaan..

Tashi: Asaan.. dude asaan toh 'IQBAL' aur 'LAKSHYA' ke time pe bhi nahi tha..

chiku: yaar is baar me serious hu..

Tashi: Toh admit hoja.. lekin me tere sath nahi bhagunga.. (Goes for a smoke)

Chiku: Is baar.. AAAR YA PAAR.. SACCHE BADSHAH LAAJ RAKHHI ( thinks of himself running like milha.. and decides he will run alone )...

few months later.. same room same people.. same tv.. new trailer..

Chiku: dudeee.. ye movie jaate hai yaarrr..
Tashi looks very annoyed.. picks up the shoe which is been lying since a month.. which Chiku had bought for running and is dying to take a feet in him..
Tashi bangs that show in Chiku's head..

Tashi: wake up you F#CK3R b4 your "Legs are on Fire" like the Last time...


STATUTORY WARNING: Everyone cannot be Milkha Singh.. But yes one can be a flying SIKH of his own field.. and make his nation proud..
This story is written to tell you that getting inspired is not bad.. but bringing those inspirations into reality is more important..

Tags: Humor

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