henry woke up late into the morning and rushed to the gym after just drinking the water and cleaning up..he was not one to eat just after getting up for all he acids that built up in his stomach through his sleep. ALThough he recalled having his dinner ealier than usual the previous night, still he didnt need food badly. so he had a perfect hour in the gym and he rushed back to take the shower. he had started to feel hungry but he had to rush to the mall for the afternoon show of the blockbuster hollywood. He went to the kitchen for the breakfast but realized the cook had not visited that morning. So he thought, OK I should have the pop-corn and nachos during the movie probably. He was running late and did not have the time to wait by a restaurant or anywhere. ill have some tasty stuff in the mall he thought and rushed his way. he stopped by his friend's place to get a bag from his wife. he saw cookies on the dining table which looked delicious very much, but decided against grabbing those as he was a bit in formal terms with his friend's wife. but hat indicated him that he was hungry like he had not experienced in a while. So he reached the mall and headed straight to the multiplex. He was surprisingly not thinking of the movie at that moment. He thought of food! So he got in the queue and stared through the menu on the wall. Everything looked and felt delicious that day. So he decided his thing and reached for his wallet when he ws the penultimate person in the queue. While he was reaching out for the card, he realized something that sent a chill down his spine. He had not carried his debit card. He recalled how he did not have any much cash in his wallet the night before and he had decided to go to the ATM while on his way to the gym. He got the cash. But he did not carry the big wallet, instead just the card. And the hurry through the morning meant he did not put the card or the cash back into his wallet. The result was just some change in his heavy wallet he carried at that moment.
And by that point he was starving like he had not felt in years or as long as he recalled. As luck would have it, he was watching the show alone on that fateful morning as it was a holiday in just his office for some bizzare reason and none of his friends were joining him. The thought of a 3 hour movie and then another hour before reaching home to grab the cash and head back to a restaurant spending more valuable minutes while he was dying of hunger had made him terrorized. But what option did he have. He silently disengaged from the queue and after drinking as much FREE water that was available and his stomach could take, he headed to the theatre. He even got reminded of the cookies he had seen earlier in the day. Only if he had realized their importance earlier. He evn dabbled with the idea of befriending a group of nice, well behaved girls standing nearby so he could have a chance of sharing their pop-corn. Not a good idea to stoop so low he thought.
But the aftereffects of the intense work-out coupled with not having eaten anything in 16 hours already were showing. The show was a bittersweet ride for him as the pangs of hunger were sharp. He even looked at his neighbour's food at least three times very intently. Only if the neighbour would have noticed! He thought to himself, "the food that I take for granted is pretty important afterall!". He eventually got his meal before he fainted but had learnt a silent lesson very privately!

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