Will it be ever over?
Will the debted farmer awake again?
Will the lender smile at him?
And ever try to feel his pain?
Will his debt be over?
Will he again come to life-
that life he had snatched away from himself..
while cursing his misery, his inability
Will the lender never have pity?

Will the veil of that woman
never be replaced by a crown
for toleration, responsibility and hardwork
she does in her house?
will she forever be bound
to the wishes and desires of that man?

Will it be ever over?
Will that beautiful girl
be left to die
in that cruel, filth-filled dustbin?
Does nobody care when she gives out a cry?
Will she never become someone's pearl?

Will that diseased man
have to die?
Can nobody hear his family cry?
Will no treatment be provided to him?
Has money become so important than his life?

Will it be ever over?
The cruelty of world,
the misery of life,
Will happiness be again unfurled?
Will blessings again shower?

Wil it be ever over??

Tags: Poor, Social

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