As I watch the crepuscular sky, my innate dilemma seems to place me in a plentiful grief. And my thoughts.......wait..what the heck...I am writing......??..Well this is has to be the starting of a story filled with tragedy but this is my story and yep it is filled with tragedy...but i would like to begin it by saying......

As I watch the dark sky, my mind wonders what an amazing new flavor has my favorite bubblegum company launched while I am chewing it!!!......Crazy right??...But I am tired of taking things, situations seriously. I am tired of making every situation seem that it is going to lead to our armageddon!!!......I am tired of people who seem to do this....Why can't you let it go, just let it go for a while......

Life is pretty simple and I realized this quite a number of times but I have still not come to terms with this fact. Every disappointment is met with a huge sigh and a sad expression or better with a rage show. Can't we accept things in our stride and move on. I know and I definitely understand that it is difficult but does trying hurt???

And there is one more thing I have realized and that is expectations is Trouble..with a capital "T"....Yes! I know Buddha and many have said the same and gone but sometimes somethings are more effective when they hit you like a current of cold water when you realize for yourself. Expectations are like stress causing concepts and when you leave them out, it is like you are floating in air free from every slightest thing that can cause you a big disappointment. And I say this out of experience.

Our lives may not be perfect but that does not mean we must feel shattered and let everything over step us.
Sometimes we need to stand up for ourselves whether others do or do not.Sometimes we need to let the disappointment fade way so that we can see the way ahead of us clearly. Often heard 'All things happen for good' well?...that is not true but 'All things happen for a reason' maybe good or bad.....we never know.

All I am saying obstacles and problems are meant to cross our paths but we need to decide whether we need to make a big show out of it or over come it. I have often meet people who do no work and do all the talking and create a big scene.

In the end, the thing some point everything will go wrong but overcoming it and looking ahead is the best step you can take. And some times going with the flow is everything you need to do. And never expect because it hurts when your expectations are not met.

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