Sometimes we deal through things we never imagined..I guess we all have a habit of giving ourselves to the world who are not actually caring but just pretending.And often the pretending seems so real that we get trapped in its beauty easily and until we realize what was happening a lot already happens and that 'lot' is not easy to take.In hindi we ahve this phrase that says 'ab jo hogya so hogya' its not just what happened is gone truth is it never goes,It is always there.
Surely time passes memories fade but the hurt remains same.Just let it go..yeah easy to say but let it go hurts more.Its comical how we spend days and hours in grief about people who have stopped caring or getting affected by our pain.People change and often they become the ones they said they never will be to us.But its bitter truth of life.Things keep happening and we nine out of ten times don't know the reason why is it happening. But wisdom is in letting it happen.I believe timing is everything and it answers everything.But if during these dark days we move to god. He'll be with you.when everyone will disappoint you he won't.Let it go hurts and I get that but I feel its important.

Hurting is important,all the toxins of our life get removed and after this drainage comes healing.Healing,That's beautiful because when we heal we become stronger,wiser. We are just updated version of ourselves.

So with whatever you go through promise yourselves,'Not to hold it too tight that it suffocates you but neither forget it'. After all the dark days teach important lessons that are never worth forgetting.

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