I’ve missed the memory of you

I’ve a feeling that was not there before

I’ve been with you, travelled with you

I’ve seen you in the dark, and in the light

And all I know is that I care for you

The times you are away, I think of you

I wonder who else could it be, if not you

Who would share the same craziness?

Who would solace my wanderlust?

Who would keep the same love?

As I have for the places far off, the waters so deep, and mountains so high

I am not scared of losing you


I do know travelling makes one forget the other

Travelling heals the deepest of wounds

The love of wanderlust wins above every other

And you,

You are a soul, ever in search of adventure

You are the admirer of beauty, and seeker of newness

You fall in love with what’s real

That’s how you are reflection of my true-self

And that’s scary,

You know why?

Because, people like us are free

Free from the things that restrict our ways

We fly often to escape the worries, grief and deceit

We love our freedom, and our space

And, in the pursuit of independence

We leave everything behind, but only those who stand by us

We live in the “present”!

And that’s how we make our moments

Our lives are like series of multiple times

We repeat only those that make us feel alive!

This is us, You and Me,

Just like a mystery

We walk in parallel, and this is scary


Because paths in parallel never meet!

It seems every theory goes against the bonding of “alike”

In the rules of math, bonds of chemistry or laws of physics

Not even literature supports happy endings

But, wait

We can find a way in fantasy

It sounds so unreal, and unbelievable

But baby, so aren’t we?





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