It is a story about a small town girl who starts her journey of arranged marriage believing in God and her parents more than herself in deciding her partner. It proceeds on how she tries to seek love and show love to her partner who she feels also loves her. As she is full of love and a bubbly person with life, in arranged marriage system she faces new situations, which leads to misunderstandings and misconceptions between the two.

The girl keeps on believing and putting efforts which sometime, due to fortune or misinterpretation land up as her mistake, creating a gap between the couple. Story is set up in Hindu marriage system and tells us some way how women think and how men should judge her.

For the girl, God plays an important role in the story as she keeps on explaining herself and asks for help to him when the story turns serious and the girl becomes deprived of love until the end where the story sums up with a sweet end. A serious of misconceptions and stupid fights explains them about each other, which leads to a happy and love filled ending. It is a very sweet, simple, love filled story, weaved in a very common, ordinary situation. The only difference it holds is in the explanation and point of view which is generally positive and yet sensitive towards own self and society. The story is a comic ride in the initial pages as the explanation of arranged marriage and women psychology is dealt while small love moments all through the story connect it to the reader and their interest is held in a simple way.

The language opted in this book is a blend of Hindi and English so as to connect the folks with reality and help in bringing out the emotions more appropriately and hence give the reader a sense of reality and truth after reading this book.

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