I saw a video about sustainability and agriculture on Facebook yesterday and it struck a chord with me. Everyone wants to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. So do I. But clearly, we as a society are not heading towards it. Pollution level in Delhi is so high that it's been compared to a gas chamber. Life in a metro has become just a mad race and no body knows why they are running. Am running too. I don't want to.

So here's the plan:
I'll travel the world as much as possible in the next 3 years and save money. Then I'll shift to a hill station village, buy land to build a small farmhouse. I'll grow crops and vegetables to eat. Will have to get a cow and also a helper who can take care of the cow and the house when I am not around. Will try to reduce external dependencies like LPG by cooking on wood and producing biogas ( cow will help). Will generate electricity by Solar panels. Will teach in a local school to earn money to buy things I can't produce myself for consumption. Will do something online, freelancing, to earn money to travel further. Will learn Sanskrit, will read ved and other source of ancient knowledge. Will write books that I always wanted to write. Will pursue photography. Will host travelers ( AirBnB). Will work with locals to promote and develop tourism in the area. Will help them will all the skills am equipped with. Will campaign against consumerism online through my writings. And that is how I plan to live my life.

Let's return to the villages.

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